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2017-11-18 Notes on the Regressive Left, Part IV:
A Collection of Important Articles
2017-09-13 Notes on the Regressive Left, Part III:
ANTIFA: Kangaroo Court Implemented by a Street Mob
2017-08-25 Notes on the Regressive Left, Part II:
ANTIFA: Shock Troops of the Regressive “Left”
2017-07-27 Quebec’s Right to Self-Determination
2017-07-20 Pride & Shame in Toronto & London
2017-07-15 Notes sur le racisme, IIe partie
2017-05-24 Notes on Racism, Part I
2017-05-06 Notes on the Regressive Left, Part I
2017-04-28 Notes on the Islamist Veil
2017-04-20 “Islamophobia”: a weapon against reforming Islam
2017-03-12 Rules for a Discussion about Religion
2017-02-21 The Undauntable Fatima!
2017-02-18 Islam and Islamism
2017-02-17 Exploiting Mass Murder for Political Gain
2017-02-15 Charles Taylor est-il compromis avec le Prix Templeton ?
2017-02-05 The Quebec City Attack: Some Context
2017-01-29 Fools Against “Islamophobia”
2017-01-16 More Dubious Words
2017-01-02 Carl Sagan’s Achilles’ Heel
2016-12-01 Anti-Muslim Incidents in the USA
2016-11-06 Multiculturalism, Orientalism and Exoticism
2016-10-10 False Memes from the Burkini Wars
2016-09-20 Challenges for Canadian Secularists
2016-07-23 The Acquired-Innate Spectrum
2016-07-22 Aphorisms about “Islamophobia” and “Racism”
2016-06-23 Of Pigs and Prayer
2016-05-31 The Extended Weinberg Principle
2016-05-11 Dubious Words
2016-05-04 Words to Cultivate
2016-04-07 Apostasy is a Human Right
2016-04-05 Freedom of Religion is Not Fundamental
2016-03-23 Toronto Life Magazine Lionizes Islamist Agent
2016-03-20 The Cult of Impotence
2016-02-06 Hate Quebec, Hate Secularism
2016-01-24 Secularism: Lockean and Republican
2015-10-26 Secularists Have Nothing to Celebrate,
2015-10-19 How to Reassure a Concerned Citizenry … and how NOT to,
2015-10-16 Trudeau & Mulcair Can Easily Resolve the Niqab Issue,
2015-10-12 Thoughts on the Niqab,
2015-07-23 Secularism Versus the Multicultis,
2015-07-03 The Myth of Religious Obligations,
2015-07-01 Secularism Betrayed, Epilogue and Update,
2015-06-24 Secularism Betrayed, Part III,
2015-06-17 Secularism Betrayed, Part II,
2015-06-10 Secularism Betrayed, Part I,
2015-06-10 Introduction,

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