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2023-12-29 Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Conversion: An Act of Desperation
2023-12-19 The George Floyd Case: Cowardice & Tribalism
2023-10-23 The Long March of Emotional Blackmail
2023-10-01 The Grotesque Naïveté of the “Woke”
2023-09-17 14 observations à propos de la post-gauche
2023-09-08 Exaggerating Historical Injustices
2023-06-19 On Trans Extremism
2023-06-16 Sur l’extrémisme trans
2023-05-08 Burden of Proof
2023-01-28 Trudeau Appoints Anti-Québécois Racist to Combat so-called ‘Islamophobia’
2023-01-06 Fourteen Observations about Post-Leftism
2022-12-08 Bias in 2021 Election Leaders’ Debate
2022-11-24 La vraie nature de la BCHA
2022-11-18 Pauline Marois: 2022 International Secularism Prize
2022-11-17 Pauline Marois : Prix international de la laïcité 2022
2022-10-20 “Wokism” is Not a Moral Panic
2022-10-14 Le « wokisme » n’est pas une panique morale
2022-09-02 Stillbirth, The Failure of Secularism in the English-Speaking World
2022-07-03 The CRTC, Pierre Vallières and Postmodernism
2022-07-01 Flawed Constitutions
2022-06-24 The Great Canadian Euphemism
2022-05-28 The Dogmatism of the Post-Left
2022-04-04 The Patriots of Lower Canada
2022-03-25 Repeal Citizenship Regulation 17.1.b
2021-12-26 Religious Symbol & Face-Covering Bans in Other Countries
2021-12-21 Inapte à être juge
2021-12-21 Unworthy to be a Judge
2021-12-18 Bill 21 as Seen by Four Quebec Secularists
2021-12-17 English Canada’s Messiah Complex
2021-12-14 La Loi 21 pour les nuls
2021-12-14 Quebec Bill 21 for Dummies
2021-12-01 The Bullshitization of the Term “Systemic”
2021-10-29 Parution du livre Identité, « race », liberté d’expression.
2021-10-28 What the “Woke” and the Political Right Have in Common
2021-09-22 The Incompetence of Shachi Kurl
2021-05-14 The “Woke” are Not the Political Left
2021-04-26 The Necessity of Quebec Bill 21
2021-04-14 La nécessité de la Loi 21
2021-03-30 The “White Supremacism” Scam
2021-03-14 The Swiss Face-Covering Ban is About Deterring Religious Fanaticism
2020-12-16 Passive Proselytism
2020-12-11 Le prosélytisme passif
2020-09-18 Les « Woke » ne sont pas de gauche
2020-08-10 Lettre aux médias pour dénoncer le Conseil québécois LGBT
2020-07-21 Racialism versus Secularism
2020-07-01 L’ineptie d’Émile Bilodeau
2020-06-09 Le Conseil québécois LGBT refuse mon adhésion
2020-05-28 How the Woke Broke Secularism
2020-05-21 Secularism Betrayed: 2020 Version
2020-05-04 AAI’s John Richards Interviews D.R. about Quebec Bill 21
2020-04-09 Updated: A Reading List on Quebec Bill 21
2020-02-24 Intersectionality: The Death of Feminism and Anti-Racism
2020-01-21 À l’intersection de l’intersectionnalité et de l’islamogauchisme
2020-01-07 5e anniversaire de l’attentat contre Charlie Hebdo
2019-12-29 Please Remove Your MAGA Hat at Work
2019-12-20 Quebec Court of Appeal Ruling, 2019-12-12
2019-12-18 Décision de la Cour d’appel du Québec, 2019-12-12
2019-12-03 Three Examples of Cultural (Mis)Appropriation
2019-11-28 Ontario NDP: Still Crazy After All These Years
2019-11-26 Immigration, the Great Unmentionable
2019-11-25 L’immigration, cette question intouchable
2019-11-18 English Canada Continues its Hysterical Opposition to Quebec Bill 21
2019-10-31 Two Questions About Bill 21
2019-09-20 Sometimes Makeup Is Just Makeup
2019-08-31 There is Nothing Friendly About Hemant Mehta’s Gross Ignorance
2019-08-21 Another Notch Lower for Canada
2019-08-16 This Does NOT Promote Child Health
2019-08-12 Summary: The Islamist Veil
2019-07-21 Le juge Yergeau reconnaît que la Loi sur la laïcité ne fomente pas la haine
2019-07-13 A Reading List on Quebec Bill 21
2019-07-09 Le crucifix enfin retiré !
2019-06-22 Quebec Formally Declares State Secularism
2019-06-17 Le Québec est laïque !
2019-05-21 Quebec Bill 21 Causes Earthquakes, Anal Warts and the Collapse of Civilisation
2019-05-20 Six Pseudo-Arguments of Antisecularists
2019-05-07 CFI Canada Rejects Secularism—Again
…and lends its support to religious fanatics
2019-05-05 For Secularism in Hospitals
2019-05-04 Plaidoyer pour la laïcité dans les hôpitaux
2019-04-27 Children’s Rights Before Teachers’
Opponents of Quebec’s Bill 21 Neglect the Rights of Children
2019-04-22 CHRC Endorses Religious Child Abuse
2019-04-21 La CCDP endosse la maltraitance religieuse des fillettes
2019-04-07 The American Model of “Secularism” is 18th Century Pre-secularism
2019-04-05 The US Constitution is Not Secular
2019-04-03 The CAQ’s Secularism Bill is a Positive Step Forward
2019-04-03 Tobacco, Politics and Religion
2019-03-28 Quebec’s Draft Bill 21 Implements State Secularism
2019-02-12 An Open Letter to the Council of Canadians
2019-02-08 Three Strategies of Islamists
…and their dupes and allies in non-Muslim countries
2019-02-01 Support #NoHijabDay #FreeFromHijab
2019-01-30 Sinéad O’Connor: A Metaphor for the Degeneration of the Left
2019-01-07 Fourth Anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo Massacre
2018-12-29 Open Letter to TheConversation: An Organ of Anti-Quebec Propaganda
2018-12-13 Canada’s Anti-Blasphemy Law Repealed, But M-103 Remains
2018-11-15 My Favourite Graph
2018-10-16 The Dishonesty of the Globe and Mail
2018-10-08 The Moral and Intellectual Bankruptcy of Antisecularists
2018-10-04 The Quebec Election of October 1st 2018: Some Good News & Some Bad
2018-09-22 Ensaf Haidar Challenges Canadian Orthodoxy
2018-09-20 Les extrêmes se touchent : Twitter censure une caricature de Charb
2018-09-11 Quebec-Bashing: Three Recent Examples
2018-09-03 The Greatest of All Vices
2018-08-27 The Identitarian Left
2018-08-10 Banning Face-Coverings is Both Necessary and Beneficial:
A Response to Stephen Evans of the NSS
2018-08-01 In Praise of Cultural Appropriation
2018-06-03 Banning Religious Symbols: When & Where?
2018-05-29 Laïcité, législation et gouvernement au Québec
2018-05-21 Screw the Monarchy! Vivent les patriotes !
2018-05-01 Fairweather Secularists
2018-04-23 David Silverman’s Firebrand Atheism:
We Need It Now More Than Ever
2018-04-15 Status of Women Canada Endorses Political Islam
2018-04-13 Religious Symbols and the Montreal Police
2018-02-21 Notes on the Regressive Left, Part V:
The Vicious Circle of Islamophilia
2017-11-18 Notes on the Regressive Left, Part IV:
A Collection of Important Articles
2017-09-13 Notes on the Regressive Left, Part III:
ANTIFA: Kangaroo Court Implemented by a Street Mob
2017-08-25 Notes on the Regressive Left, Part II:
ANTIFA: Shock Troops of the Regressive “Left”
2017-07-27 Quebec’s Right to Self-Determination
2017-07-20 Pride & Shame in Toronto & London
2017-07-15 Notes sur le racisme, IIe partie
2017-05-24 Notes on Racism, Part I
2017-05-06 Notes on the Regressive Left, Part I
2017-04-28 Notes on the Islamist Veil
2017-04-20 “Islamophobia”: a weapon against reforming Islam
2017-03-12 Rules for a Discussion about Religion
2017-02-21 The Undauntable Fatima!
2017-02-18 Islam and Islamism
2017-02-17 Exploiting Mass Murder for Political Gain
2017-02-15 Charles Taylor est-il compromis avec le Prix Templeton ?
2017-02-05 The Quebec City Attack: Some Context
2017-01-29 Fools Against “Islamophobia”
2017-01-16 More Dubious Words
2017-01-02 Carl Sagan’s Achilles’ Heel
2016-12-01 Anti-Muslim Incidents in the USA
2016-11-06 Multiculturalism, Orientalism and Exoticism
2016-10-10 False Memes from the Burkini Wars
2016-09-20 Challenges for Canadian Secularists
2016-07-23 The Acquired-Innate Spectrum
2016-07-22 Aphorisms about “Islamophobia” and “Racism”
2016-06-23 Of Pigs and Prayer
2016-05-31 The Extended Weinberg Principle
2016-05-11 Dubious Words
2016-05-04 Words to Cultivate
2016-04-07 Apostasy is a Human Right
2016-04-05 Freedom of Religion is Not Fundamental
2016-03-23 Toronto Life Magazine Lionizes Islamist Agent
2016-03-20 The Cult of Impotence
2016-02-06 Hate Quebec, Hate Secularism
2016-01-24 Secularism: Lockean and Republican
2015-10-26 Secularists Have Nothing to Celebrate
2015-10-19 How to Reassure a Concerned Citizenry … and how NOT to
2015-10-16 Trudeau & Mulcair Can Easily Resolve the Niqab Issue
2015-10-12 Thoughts on the Niqab
2015-07-23 Secularism Versus the Multicultis
2015-07-03 The Myth of Religious Obligations
2015-07-01 Secularism Betrayed, Epilogue and Update
2015-06-24 Secularism Betrayed, Part III
2015-06-17 Secularism Betrayed, Part II
2015-06-10 Secularism Betrayed, Part I
2015-06-10 Introduction

5 thoughts on “Contents”

  1. Hi David,
    I read your opinion piece for Global Mail that you wrote in 2013 titled,”Why a Secular Charter is good for Quebec” for an essay for school and would like to have a conversation with you to better understand the reasons of why many Quebecois want a secular society.
    To begin with, in your opinion piece, you say, “State employees must not under any circumstances display such symbols while they are on duty”. This is followed by an example of how a Muslim family wants their daughter to wear the veil, the daughter wants to see a social worker but the social worker wears the veil and thus the daughter cannot discuss her problem.
    However, there are many times when a social worker has a visible connection to a client’s problem. Sometimes these visible connections can be things that are not merely cloths or scarves worn as veils but it can be the social workers’ race, ethnicity, nationality, or gender. At times, these circumstances can be difficult to overcome for the client but the client can always request for a different social worker and sometimes these circumstances can be more beneficial to the client in overcoming these obstacles by providing more information on how to deal with the situation by being connected to the issue of the client’s.
    It’s difficult to explain my point of view but I’m hoping that you understand what I’m trying to say and reply with your opinion to start a conversation. Thanks.

  2. Hi David,
    Really enjoyed reading that same piece and you definitely introduced me to a whole new perspective about secularism and its positives. Is there a linkedin about your bio because I am writing a compare and contrast essay about your article and another, and the authours’ background is relevant to the essay style critiquing.
    If not, can you possibly answer some questions listed below:
    Where did you earn your BA and in what field?
    What other jobs or other businesses are you involved in?
    How old are you?
    What city do you currently reside?

    1. You really enjoyed reading WHAT “same piece”??
      You left this comment on the table of contents, so I have no idea which blog you are referring to.
      I will answer you by email.

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